Redefining Recruitment

We are the only recruitment agency on the planet that uses a consumption based ‘as a service’ model.

This means that when we’re sourcing highly skilled people for you, we only charge for the work we actually do.

In 2017 we looked at the recruitment industry and saw a better future.

We developed Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) as a new alternative to the old traditional recruitment agency.

So what’s different about us and our unique Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model?

  • We charge a standard hourly rate for the work we do. No matter what role you need us to fill.
  • We do not charge a % of annual salary as a fee.
  • We provide you with v-screens in addition to sending you suitable CVs/Resumes.
  • Our consultants have actual industry experience. This means we source the right people really fast.

What impact can Recuitment as a Service (RaaS) have on your business?


  • You will save up to 20% on recruitment agency fees
  • These incredible savings can be used to support additional hiring
  • We carry out full video screening, making your recruitment process highly efficient
  • The hiring team can view the screenings on the go at any time
  • Your time to hire will be reduced significantly

We have access to thousands of highly skilled professionals across the world. We have real industry experience.

We are driven by a desire to provide the most useful recruitment service on the planet.

We are extremely proud of the partnerships we’ve built. Check out our pricing page to see the results we have delivered.

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Professional Recruitment Service


Our Clients Need You!

We are professionals utilizing our industry experience and skills to deliver the most effective recruitment service available.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) will save you time and money. It will also make your recuritment process more efficient.

At the end of our 3-step recruitment process, you’ll receive a v-screen and the CV/Resume of suitable candidates.

V-screens eliminate the hours wasted on candidates that look good on paper but are not a match for a company’s values or culture. The hiring team can view the v-screens anytime anywhere.

We’ve listened to our clients, we know what they need.

We’ve learnt that the traditional pricing structure, offered by old recruitment agencies, is just not fit for purpose. That’s why we’re redefining recruitment with RaaS.

‘As a Service’ models are based on the consumption of a particular service. We believe that our clients should only pay for our recruitment services when they are actually using them.

Using Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) allows businesses to reduce their time to hire, save up to 20% on recruitment spend and hire the people they need.

Use the Contact Us page to book a meeting with one of our consultants and get Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) working for your business.

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3-Step Recruitment Service

We believe that understanding our client’s culture is a key factor when it comes to recruiting
the right candidate.

The Meeting

We believe that understanding our client’s company culture is a key factor when it comes to recruiting the right candidate.

Company culture is a combination
of elements that cannot be experienced
by phone or email.

That’s why we meet all
of our potential clients in their offices before we begin recruitment.

The Discovery

Because we meet our clients before recruitment discovery begins, we know exactly what type of candidate we need.

Add this to our first hand industry knowledge and experience and you’ve got the highest quality recruitment agency, delivering
the right candidates, faster than anyone else.

The Candidate

We will never put a candidate forward for recruitment without meeting them in person first.

This enables us to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise and that they’re a great addition to our client’s cultural environment.