Are Happy Workers More Productive?

23rd Jan, 2021

Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is important, especially within recruitment. It may seem like a vague term used by companies on their profile pages, but successful businesses take it very seriously. Now, more so than ever, employee well-being is at the forefront of HR leader’s minds.

In a paper by Ugenio Proto, from the University of Warwick, he and his colleagues argue for a direct correlation between well-being and productivity. ‘Happiness Shocks’ are not just for the top FTSE or ISEQ companies. SMEs can also introduce simple and effective well-being strategies for their employees, without breaking the bank. You can download the full paper here Happy Productive Workers.

At Schwarz & Vogel, we are extremely focused on building happy and productive teams. Recruitment can be pressurized and intense, burnout can become a real problem. Our recruitment consultants are dealing with multiple clients and numerous candidates, all demanding the highest level of customer service.

We ensure that our teams have one day per week for personal and business development activity. Candidate interviews require razor sharp focus. Time to reset during the week is important, especially when pre-screens are fully remote. Zoom fatigue has to be managed correctly.

Industry Professionals

Our recruitment consultants are industry professionals and not just recruiters. We have to be flexible in terms of working hours and personal circumstances. This is why our recruitment consultants work wherever and whenever suits them.

If they need a break, they can utilize our unlimited holidays policy. It’s amazing what you see when you empower a recruitment workforce to make their own decisions. It’s not down to the management team, our consultants are extremely professional and we trust them explicitly. The outcome of trust-based well-being initiatives, is a workforce that works harder and actually takes less time off.

Once the right individual balance has been found for each employee, we see productivity increase exponentially. Empowering people to make decisions for their benefit and for the benefit of the business, provides amazing results. Recruitment is tough and without the right supports in place, natural attrition can be high. Schwarz & Vogel is focused on delivering a unique experience for clients but not before we’ve ensured a unique working environment for our employees.


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