ATS Implementation and Training

At Schwarz & Vogel we understand the recruitment process. Many of the clients we help use an applicant tracking system to centrally manage their recruitment drives. It’s an excellent way to save time and money when hiring top talent.

There are many ATS providers to choose from. Each ATS solution has a varying degree of features and functions. Pricing plans are different and it’s difficult to truly understand which solution fits which business.

Schwarz & Vogel have developed partnerships with a number of ATS providers. We chose those companies because we believe their

solutions offer incredible value. We selected these particular ATS solution because they contain all of the features and functions required for streamlining any recruitment process.

These partnerships mean that we can offer our clients discounts on commercially listed pricing plans. We guide our clients through the selection process and organize product demonstrations with our partners. We support our clients throughout the ATS deployment and can provide training to HR and Talent Acquisition teams.

Because our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) platform is extremely flexible, clients can choose which parts of an ATS rollout they’d like us to do. Once we start work on a deployment, we’ll simply track the hours we work and invoice the client once the deployment is complete.