CIPD Survey Results

14th Sep, 2020

CIPD Survey

In August 2020, the CIPD Survey aimed to capture the thoughts of the HR professionals working in all sectors. The survey looked at workforce and workplace challenges, as experienced by HR professionals in Ireland. It is no surprise to learn that remote working and the global pandemic dominated the results. The feedback from the survey also showed that companies are now heavily focused on implementing diversification and inclusion strategies. HR divisions are either reviewing current strategies or developing new strategies for 2020 and beyond.

CIPD Survey : The Main Highlights

Employee engagement remained the top priority for HR professionals in 2020, with 51% of respondents saying it was very important. The CIPD survey results also highlighted a trend that was previously seen in 2019. The skills shortage in the private sector continues to be a problem for companies in 2020. 65% of people said that a lack of talent for open roles remained a big issue.

Flexible working has been one way that organisations have been increasing their access to the right candidates. By allowing employees to work from anywhere in the country, they have widened the talent pool. Flexible working has been highlighted by 38% of HR professionals as a key retention and attraction strategy in 2020. A massive 70% of companies said that they would continue to facilitate remote working once government restrictions had been lifted.

Diversity and Inclusion

A large portion of participants(49%) suggested that they would incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies into their recruitment plans in 2020. Many people also stated that they had already developed policies and procedures aimed at raising awareness among the wider workforce.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap issue remains very important for organisations, with 30-33% of companies stating that they would be analysing the pay gap during 2020. The private sector performs far better in this area than the public sector. 66% of private sector organisations are currently carrying out pay gap analysis, as opposed to only 27% in the public sector.

Schwarz & Vogel

We support HR professionals by offering a recruitment service like no other. Our clients see us as an extension of their HR team that helps them to achieve strategic goals. The skills shortage in specific areas, highlighted in the CIPD Survey, remains an issue for some organisations. Internal talent acquisition teams are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right type of people, with the right skills. The survey highlighted the areas of operations and line management as suffering the highest skills shortage (20%). A lack of available resources in the IT sector came in a close second. 14% of respondents said they were struggling to attract the right talent.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) from Schwarz & Vogel is a unique recruitment model that sources the talent you need. It delivers incredible value whilst delivering more of the right type of candidates for those hard to fill roles. Our clients are using us not only to attract talent, but to also avail of up to 75% savings on old agency fees. These savings are then being invested in diversity, inclusion and well-being strategies.

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