Communication Skills Have Changed

26th Apr, 2023


Ah, the joys of video conferencing – the bane of every remote worker’s existence. From dodgy internet connections to unexpected background noise, it seems like there’s always something waiting to throw a wrench into our video calls. And let’s not forget about those stereotypical tech workers, who can code circles around us but can’t seem to figure out how to position their cameras correctly or un-mute themselves.

But really, who can blame them? They spend all day staring at screens and typing away furiously. The last thing they want to do is deal with the hassle of making sure they look and sound good on a video call.

However, with the rise of remote work and hybrid work models, video conferencing has become a necessary evil in the modern workplace. And as much as we might dread it, we can’t deny its usefulness when it comes to staying connected with our colleagues and clients.

Communication is Changing

Recent figures show that 23% of businesses in Ireland have a fully remote working policy, with another 52% operating a hybrid model. In the UK, the numbers are similar, with around 25% of businesses operating a fully remote policy and 58% operating a hybrid model. With so many people now having to rely on video conferencing, it’s more important than ever for tech workers to develop their skills in this area.

But let’s face it – we’ve all had our fair share of video conference disasters. Maybe you forgot to turn off your camera during a bathroom break, or maybe your cat decided to jump on your keyboard mid-meeting. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all been there.

And for those stereotypical tech workers who struggle with video conferencing, the struggle can be all too real. That’s why companies like Schwarz & Vogel offer Recruitment as a Service, using video screening to assess candidates’ video conferencing skills along with their technical abilities.

With the help of Recruitment as a Service, businesses can find the right talent for their team, no matter how much they might loathe the dreaded video conference. And who knows – with a bit of practice and the right support, even those stereotypical tech workers might become video conferencing pros one day.

If your hiring team is interested in finding out more about using Recruitment as a Service to assess candidate’s communication skills, use the contact us page to book an appointment.