International Women’s Day

8th Mar, 2020

International Women’s Day

At Schwarz & Vogel, we always celebrate International Women’s Day. This year, our friends at have focused on the Female Founders of Irish tech. The result is a report about the work done in the industry to drive equality and increase women leaders in Tech.

2019 was a fantastic year for women in Tech and 2020 should be even more successful.

The Highlights

  • In 2019 the number of companies in Ireland represented by female founders wen up by 64 to 427 from 2018.
  • €63 million secured in funding across 50 companies and 60 rounds.
  • The largest round of funding was €12m, secured by Avectas who operate in the HealthTech sector.

“Women are still under-represented in starting, leading and growing businesses, despite research telling us that diverse management leads to better decision making, helps attract and retain talent, and ultimately increases profitability. Accordingly, Enterprise Ireland (EI) puts great focus on attaining gender balance across our clients. For example, numbers of HPSUs led by female founders has increased from 7% in 2012 to 22% last year.” Jennifer Melia, Enterprise Ireland.

“TechIreland is tracking 427 female founded tech companies in Ireland, 64 more than last year. It’s great to see this jump in the number of women setting up product focused businesses here. TechIreland’s €100M Campaign has drawn attention to the challenges female founders face when fundraising. Female founders raised €98M in 2018 but in 2019 that figure dropped to €63M. A greater number of companies secured funding in 2019 and the funding distribution was more equally spread between them.” Niamh Bushnell, SoapBox Labs.


The Full Report: International Women’s Day 2020

Click the link below to view the full report.

TechIreland Female Founder Review 2020 Edition