Why it makes sense to use a recruitment agency

2nd Mar, 2022

Why it makes sense to use a recruitment agency

More people than ever before are working with recruitment consultants to help them fill professional roles and finding the right client. Employers are outsourcing the difficult and time-consuming work of identifying suitable candidates for roles to agencies with expertise in the relevant areas. Job seekers are saving time and effort with the support of recruitment agencies that connect candidates with long term roles that are perfect for them. Agencies provide preparation and management to ensure an efficient and rewarding process for all parties.

Many agencies specialise in particular industries. There are specialist IT recruitment agencies, for example. Other agencies specialise in construction or hospitality for example.

Job seekers do not pay to use recruitment agencies. The employer pays when they hire a potential candidate or client put forward by the agency.

Businesses Looking for the Right Recruitment Agency

There are many good reasons for employers to use recruitment agencies.

  • Some businesses may not have a specialised talent acquisition department. A recruitment agency can manage the sourcing and screening of candidates for them.
  • A business may be looking for very specific skills or attributes in a candidate. Agencies specialise in finding suitable candidates for roles.
  • Advertising roles and looking for candidates can be demanding and time-consuming. Recruitment agencies can take on these processes and manage them efficiently.
  • A business may already have tried to fill a role without success. A recruitment agency can connect them with the right candidates.
  • A business may not want to make its needs public. A recruitment agency can facilitate a discreet hiring process, eliminating the need for public advertising.
  • Advertising a job and managing a recruitment process can be very expensive. While using a recruitment agency can also be extremely costly, Schwarz & Vogel offers expert services at an unbeatable price.

Businesses should carry out research to find a recruitment agency that will provide exactly what they need. The best recruitment agencies work to understand the culture of the companies they work with as well as their requirements for particular roles.

Employees Looking for the Perfect Role

Looking for the right role and job search can be a daunting and difficult process. It can be hard to know where to start. A recruitment consultant provides invaluable support. They take the uncertainty out of the process and help find the right roles for each candidate. They also provide crucial support in landing those roles.

  • An agency will review your CV and offer advice to help you present your skills, experience and personal attributes in the best way possible throughout your job search.
  • A recruitment consultant will save you significant time and effort trawling through job sites and preparing applications for jobs that aren’t really right for you.
  • Agencies use their experience to target suitable roles for each individual, rather than taking an inefficient, scattershot approach that is much less likely to be effective.
  • They will help you to prepare for interviews, offering advice and providing important information about the interview process.
  • They provide feedback after interviews to help you prepare for future opportunities.

When you find the recruitment agency that’s right for you, you’ll be connected with the roles you want. You should look for agencies that focus on your industry. The more specialised they are, the better. If you work in the tech industry, for example, look for IT recruitment agencies. They will know the industry inside out and will understand exactly what you need from them. You should look for agencies that take the time to understand what you offer and what you want to achieve.

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