Making Hiring Successful: A Case Study

8th Apr, 2022

We sat down with Meredith Buchanan, Head of People & Culture at Nova Scotia Sports Media Pros (NSSMP), to discuss the benefits of using Recruitment as a Service from Schwarz & Vogel. NSSMP support the world class digital brand

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and NSSMP.

Covers (NS Sports Media Pros) was started in 1995 in Nova Scotia, Canada and is now a major online media player in the fast-growing North American sports betting sector. We’re a digital platform that brings together expert insight, rich experience and a passionate community to help sports fans bet smarter. Last year we doubled in size, growing to over 100 people in Halifax, Ontario, across Canada and into the US.

I joined in December of 2020 as the first lead on the people side of the business. I get to partner with our people leaders to scale their teams and create a place where people love what they do and are inspired to bring their best every day. Our team is passionate, talented, highly competitive and we genuinely care about each other. We also have a ton of fun. We expect to double in size again with openings now across the business and more coming this year.

2. What were the particular challenges you faced when using traditional recruitment agencies?

Given the pace that we’re growing, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with a variety of recruitment agencies. We’ve learned through this process that it’s critical to find partners who specialize in their field and have established networks to tap into.

3. When you heard about Recruitment as Service from Schwarz & Vogel, what were your initial thoughts?

We’re open to trying new approaches with varying degrees of success and learning from our experience. The Recruitment as a Service model makes a lot of sense, especially for businesses that are scaling and looking to supplement their internal talent acquisition teams.

4. How has RaaS from Schwarz & Vogel helped you and your team at NSSMP?

Over the past year, Schwarz &Vogel has become a close partner and an extension of our team. We’ve worked together to create a process that aligns with our hiring approach and philosophy and also leverages our internal ATS so there’s full visibility and tracking as each search progresses.

With the help of Schwarz & Vogel , we were able to radically reduce our time to fill specialized technical roles – from months to weeks – while also saving tens of thousands of dollars from traditional model search fees. We’ve had nothing but glowing feedback from candidates, which means the world to us. Our designated recruitment consultant, Richard Riddett, is fantastic at putting people at ease and cares as much as we do about finding the very best draft picks! We love working together and he’s always up for any new challenge we send his way.

5. What would you say to anyone thinking about trying RaaS as a new approach to recruitment?

Schwarz & Vogel are wonderful to work with, dedicated to giving candidates and clients a world class experience, and driven to find the very best alignment between what candidates are looking for and what their client has to offer.