Recruitment Jersey

At Schwarz & Vogel we understand the recruitment process. Many of the clients we help use an applicant tracking system to centrally manage their recruitment drives. It’s an excellent way to save time and money when hiring top talent.

There are many ATS providers to choose from. Each ATS solution has a varying degree of features and functions. Pricing plans are different and it’s difficult to truly understand which solution fits which business.

Schwarz & Vogel have developed partnerships with a number of ATS providers. We chose those companies because we believe their

recruitment jersey

Schwarz & Vogel provides unique, comprehensive recruitment consultancy services for clients in Jersey. We use our Recruitment as a Service (Raas) model to provide the service our clients need on an ad hoc basis. Our process is extremely efficient in terms of time and financial cost. If you are a business based in Jersey looking to fill a position, we will connect you with great candidates. If you are an individual looking for the ideal role, Schwarz & Vogel is ready to offer you comprehensive support.

RaaS Model

Our RaaS model is a uniquely effective approach to recruitment consulting. It allows us to offer unbeatable prices for exceptional services. RaaS means that we only charge clients for the time we spend working to help them fill positions, using billable hours. Most recruitment organisations charge a percentage of the salary of the position being filled. We believe that RaaS is a fairer model. Clients can save 75% in comparison to other agencies based in Jersey and elsewhere. Our clients have reinvested these savings into workforce development, employee retention and other initiatives. 

RaaS forms the basis of all of our recruitment services. If you are an organisation based in Jersey working to fill positions, we will use our RaaS services to connect you with great candidates. We are happy to work on an ad hoc basis so that you can sample our services before making any long-term arrangement. 100% of our RaaS users have ultimately become partners. Our services can be adapted to our clients’ needs and are always available to clients exactly when they need them.

Established Networks

For organisations based in Jersey, it can be difficult to know where to look for the best candidates. However, there are great candidates for all types of roles available if you have the right support in finding them. Jersey is a rich and growing market with excellent potential for businesses looking for great candidates and individuals looking for their next role. We have an established network of candidates ready for the right move. This makes our candidate discovery process extremely efficient. 

Industry Experience

Our consultants have extensive industry experience. We also work hard to understand our clients’ needs, their company cultures and their plans for the future. We always aim to work from the most informed position possible. This enables us to find candidates with the right characteristics to make a great impact at your organisation.

Relocation for Candidates

We have an excellent network of candidates already based in Jersey. We have also found many candidates willing to relocate to Jersey for the right role. This widens our search significantly and allows us to identify candidates with the right skills, experience, and ambitions for a position. We also help successful candidates with the logistics of relocation to Jersey.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search service focuses specifically on high-level strategic leadership roles. These roles can be difficult to fill due to the skills and experience required. We will use our network in Jersey and beyond to help you find the perfect candidates for executive roles. Our Executive Search service also uses our RaaS model, so you will only be charged using billable hours and not a percentage of the role’s salary.

Support for Candidates 

If you are a professional looking for a new role in Jersey, we are ready to help you in your search. We have the experience and knowledge of the Jersey job market to help you find the ideal position. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re an experienced professional looking for your next step, we can support you using our RaaS service. We don’t just find the right roles for you. We give you the information you need about the company and help you to prepare for your interview. And you won’t be charged a thing.

If you are planning to move to Jersey or are willing to relocate for the right position, our experienced consultants are ready to connect you with great roles.

ATS Support

We work closely with providers of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Once a recruitment project is outlined for us, we can match clients with a suitable ATS. When finding candidates for clients in Jersey, our expertise with ATS options can make a crucial difference. It streamlines the recruitment process and gives our clients total control. Clients can track and manage their recruitment from start to finish with our support. We are always willing to arrange demonstrations of Applicant Tracking Systems for clients. We offer flexible services, so clients can choose the particular parts of an ATS service they need.

ATS functions as an extension of our clients’ HR and Talent Acquisition teams. It makes the recruitment process more efficient and reliable. Clients gain comprehensive, granular insight into the process. They can use this information in planning future recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

As part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, Schwarz & Vogel can manage and review every application that comes through the ATS, only passing on the most suitable candidates to our clients. We can also compile candidate shortlists and perform comprehensive vetting and pre-screening. 

Once candidates for first-round interviews have been selected, we schedule interviews through the ATS and manage the logistics. HR departments and hiring managers only need to become involved immediately before first round interviews. 

Schwarz & Vogel can manage clients’ application channels, using our own tools to drive applications to the internal ATS. This extends the talent pool available to our clients beyond their own networks. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that they are connected with the best possible candidates. In a market like Jersey, this can make a crucial difference in widening the network of potential candidates.

Short-Term Support

Many of our clients in Jersey have to continually adapt to rapidly changing conditions. We offer contingent solutions for clients who need to efficiently secure contract or temporary staff on a short-term basis. Our networks allow us to find suitable candidates for contract positions based in Jersey or willing to relocate there.

We act as the employer of record for contract or temporary employees. This means we employ the selected candidate and place them onsite at our client’s premises. We will charge only for the time we spend sourcing candidates and handling administration. We never charge a percentage of their hourly or daily rate.

If you are a candidate looking for a role in Jersey, this system is also ideal for you. It means that we will manage the logistics of your employment so you can focus entirely on the role. We work with many clients to fill a diverse range of roles, so we can find the perfect one for you. We offer comprehensive support for candidates. We don’t just connect them with the right roles, but also help them prepare for interviews and offer administrative support throughout their contract.

Our unique, flexible approach makes us an industry leader in terms of value for money and the quality of candidates we place. Our RaaS model can be adjusted to suit the precise needs of our clients. We’re always ready to offer expert support for clients and candidates in Jersey.