A large part of our business involves us acting as an extension to our clients’ HR and Talent Acquisition teams. Delivering RPO using Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) as a platform, means that outsourcing a large part of the recruitment process to Schwarz & Vogel is hugely cost effective.

What Does RPO actually involve?

Some clients operate an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to handle applications for open roles. Applications for open roles come into the client ATS from a number of sources.

  • Directly from our client’s websites
  • Via our client’s social media channels
  • Redirection from 3rd party job search platforms via advertising

Managing all of these channels and applications can be extremely time consuming. If HR divisions and talent acquisition teams are small, this activity can consume large amounts of valuable time.

RPO from Schwarz & Vogel means that we manage our client’s ATS for them during recruitment drives. We manage and review every single application that comes into the ATS.

We collate a short list of attractive candidates and perform in-depth vetting and pre-screening activities. All relevant information regarding the candidate will be uploaded into our client’s ATS. We’ll notify all key stakeholders, via the ATS, of all candidates that should be selected for 1st round interviews. We’ll schedule interviews via the ATS, selecting the perfect slot for all key stakeholders.

RPO from Schwarz & Vogel means that HR and the Hiring managers will only begin to get involved right before the 1st interview stage in the recruitment process.

How Much Does RPO Cost?

Other agencies that offer similar services will require a monthly recurring fee for an RPO service. At Schwarz & Vogel we believe that our clients should only pay us when we’re working for them on a specific recruitment project.

Because we have built RPO using our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, we charge for the RPO service using billable hours. We record the time that we spend working on your open roles. Once you hire the right candidate, we close the project and send an invoice. It couldn’t be simpler. This means that you’re only paying for RPO when you really need it.

Blended RPO

Blended RPO from Schwarz & Vogel means that in addition to managing our client’s internal ATS and application channels, we’ll also use our own tools and processes to drive applications to the internal ATS. This allows our clients to extend their talent pool beyond their own channels and networks. A joint collaboration to source the highly skilled talent required for open roles.