Recruitment Survey Results

3rd Mar, 2020

Recruitment Survey Results

Schwarz & Vogel recently conducted a survey. We polled a selected group of HR leaders across multiple industries. We did this because we wanted to understand how they felt about the services available to them. The data collected from the recruitment survey will help us adapt our own services, so we can ensure we deliver exactly what our customers need.

The short one minute video below, gives the highlights from the survey we conducted. You can view the full results here.


What We’ve Done with the Data

Data is only useful if it is acted upon. We’ve made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to ensure that the insights we gain from data collection and analysis, will always be put to practical use. The data we collected from HR leaders gave a very clear indication of what we needed to do. It became clear that we need to work on three specific areas: value, candidate quality and trust.


Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) from Schwarz & Vogel delivers incredible value. Because we charge an hourly rate for work we do, our customers enjoy up to 75% savings, compared against old agencies. There is no other recruitment agency in the world that delivers high quality recruitment services using a model like this.

Candidate Quality

When agencies present candidates that don’t match the initial requirements, there are two things that have gone wrong. 1. The requirements gathering was not thorough enough. 2. The agency doesn’t have the required industry knowledge in order to really understand the role.

Our consultants have first hand industry knowledge. This allows us to connect with clients and candidates as industry professionals and not just recruiters. It means that we understand the roles we’re hiring for. It also means that we’re comfortable with the technical aspects of the CVs and job descriptions that we review everyday. During our pre-screening process, we prepare technical questions for the candidates to answer during the initial interview. We then provide the answers to those technical questions to our clients, along with the CV and feedback from the initial interview.


A number of HR leaders were concerned that other agencies weren’t interested in building long term partnerships. Their perception was that the sole focus was a quick sale and not the development of a trusted relationship. We believe that trust can only be built over time. The longer we work with clients, the better we understand their business. A trusted partnership stems from delivering the right candidates more of the time, whilst delivering incredible value via Recruitment as a Service. If we consistently do those things correctly, the trust between us and our clients will naturally blossom.

If your business is suffering from the issues highlighted in this post, book some time with one of our consultants. Recruitment as a Service could be the solution your business is looking for.