Some of our clients need to adapt quickly to a changing business environment. Lives can change in a single moment and businesses need to act fast. We offer a contingent solution for clients wishing to secure contract or temporary staff on a short-term basis.

We will act as the employer of record on a contractual or temporary basis. This means that the contingent worker will be employed by Schwarz & Vogel and placed on-site at our clients’ premises. They will then execute daily tasks and activities at the request of our clients.

Our unique approach in this area means we are the industry leader in terms of value for money and quality of resources we place. We’ll use our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) platform to charge our clients for the time it takes us source the perfect contract or temporary candidate. We’ll charge for the time we spend on things like administration, timesheets and management. We will never charge a percentage of the hourly or daily rate of the candidate our clients select to bring on site.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that our clients should only pay for the work we actually do.