Recruitment As a Service

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is a unique, effective approach to recruitment consulting. Schwarz & Vogel has developed its RaaS model in order to deliver outstanding recruitment services with maximum efficiency at unbeatable prices. 

Recruitment as a Service is at the heart of what we do and forms the basis of all our recruitment services. It means that we only ever charge clients using billable hours, rather than using a percentage of the salary of the role we are filling. This makes RaaS recruiting far more cost-effective for our clients. We charge only for the time we spend sourcing great candidates and managing the logistics of the recruitment process. 


What impact does Raas have?

Clients that have used our RaaS model have sourced the highly skilled talent that they need in record time. They have saved up to 75% compared to the fees charged by other agencies. They have redirected recruitment budget surpluses into workforce development, retention and well-being initiatives. They have freed up HR and Talent Acquisition teams to spend time on other important projects. Recruitment as a Service has significant impacts in multiple key areas.

We are happy to provide RaaS on ad hoc basis. Clients can simply identify what they need and give us the details. Small and medium-sized enterprises that hire sporadically find that an ad hoc RaaS request works perfectly for them. We offer one-off recruitment processes that deliver the highly skilled talent our clients need at exceptional prices. These processes are reliable and efficient. Many of our clients make ad hoc RaaS requests regularly or use our other services.

Building Trust

New customers need to be able to trust a new business partner. We build that trust by executing ad hoc RaaS requests. This allows us to prove that we can deliver what we say we can. 100% of new customers that have tried Recruitment as a Service have ultimately become partners. They have either continued to use RaaS on an ad hoc basis or have decided to avail of one of our other services. We believe that this proves that we can consistently deliver on our commitments to clients. 

Industry Experience & Knowledge 

We select our consultants specifically for their industry experience and knowledge. They understand the industries our clients operate in. There is little or no onboarding required when we begin candidate discovery for a new client. 

As well as their industry expertise, our consultants have established networks of potential candidates. This makes the process of sourcing candidates extremely efficient and reliable.

Our consultants have worked within our clients’ industries, so they can connect with clients and candidates as industry professionals rather than just as recruiters. This is particularly important due to our RaaS model. The faster our consultants deliver the right candidates, the more our clients save. The efficiency of the process also allows clients to redirect crucial resources to other projects.

Temporary Placements

In some cases, we source candidates for temporary or contract roles. In these situations, we act as Employer of Record for that candidate. This means that we handle the logistics of their employment, such as payment and administration. 

In these cases, we also use our RaaS model. This means that, once the candidate has begun the role, we will only charge for any time spent on administration for the duration of the placement. This makes us the most cost-efficient option for temporary solutions on the market. Our experience in sourcing and placing candidates also means that we are uniquely efficient in these processes. Our clients save money and time. HR and talent acquisition departments are freed up to focus on other projects. 

Applicant Tracking Support

Many of our clients use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) during their recruitment processes. Schwarz & Vogel also partners with several ATS providers and we are always happy to recommend the best option for a particular recruitment project. In some cases, we can arrange discounts for clients with an ATS provider. 

We also offer ATS management and support during recruitment drives. We will track and manage applications and arrange interviews. This means that hiring managers and HR departments only need to become involved in the recruitment process immediately before first-round interviews. Clients will only be charged for time we spend implementing and managing their ATS.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Schwarz & Vogel offers comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). This means we can manage aspects of our clients’ recruitment projects such as applicant sourcing and tracking. This saves our clients significant time and effort throughout recruitment processes. Many recruitment consultancies charge a standard monthly fee for RPO. Schwarz & Vogel charges using our RaaS model, so clients only pay for the time we spend working to fill a particular role.

Executive Search

We offer our Executive Search service to help clients fill executive roles. We know that filling strategic leadership positions is one of the most difficult challenges for many businesses. Executive Search identifies exceptional candidates with the skills and experience to fill these roles. As with all of our services, we use our RaaS model to charge clients for Executive Search. You will only ever pay for the time we spend sourcing candidates and managing the recruitment process for each role. You can rely on our industry experience and expertise in sourcing candidates for executive roles.


What is Recruitment as a Service?

Recruitment as a Service means we charge clients using billable hours. We only charge for the time we spend on recruitment for a particular role, rather than a standard fee or a percentage of the salary of the role in question.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System is used to track candidates for a particular role. Schwarz & Vogel can recommend an ATS for a particular recruitment project. We can also manage a client’s ATS for them throughout a recruitment project.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing means hiring a partner to manage particular aspects of a recruitment project, such as sourcing, tracking and vetting clients or managing an ATS.

What kind of positions can Schwarz & Vogel help us fill? 

Schwarz & Vogel offers recruitment services for all types of position, from temporary and contract roles to executive positions.